Great Kenya Tours is a fully registered tours and safari company operating in Kenya. The company is run by a competent and widely experienced safari guide. Over many years we have tailored and delivered memorable safari experiences within Kenya.

Great Kenya Tours offers clients from all over the world a unique opportunity to discover the real safari experience taking you to the action centre of wild game, the scenic beauty of magnificent natural features, the surreal and exciting feeling of holidaying on Kenya’s coast and discovery of vibrant cities and what Kenya has to offer.

We give you the front row seat to the epicenter of natural wonders and open your heart to Africa with carefully tailored itineraries and well planned safari packages from the moment you enquire to your safari adventure and transfers to hotels and airports.

All the way from planning to implementation of our tours, we emphasize on quality, timeliness and accuracy of information. Great Kenya Tours listens to your needs and specific demands to ensure a completely fulfilling experience that will leave long lasting memories and above all love for Kenya and East Africa.


Our Mission

To promote Kenya as a favorite destination for local and international travelers and holiday makers through presentation of the best of these lands in wild game, nature, birdlife and cultural heritages offering all rounded safari and holiday solutions for individuals, families, groups and organizations while campaigning for ecological balance and conservation to insure existence of natural beauty and wildlife heritages.


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